Our Dream

At Little Seeds, we believe we can change the world, one little seed at a time.

Children are the seeds that become the forest which represents our future. Great teachers and parents work together to raise great kids, who become great teachers and parents, which ultimately contributes to a highly impactful community and better world.

Impact is created through a combination of consistent right action and small efforts compounded.

We are determined to positively influence future generations by helping to cultivate productive and mindful citizens of the world. This process of creating a more sustainable future for our planet begins with our smallest humans during early childhood, the period of time when moral compass and the most critical brain development in human life occurs. Children, regardless of skin color, religion, ethnic background, socioeconomic status, or ability require and deserve as many happy, positive and loving experiences as possible.

But how?

At Little Seeds, we focus on the development of the WHOLE child: brain, body and mind.

Children are capable of learning and processing nearly endless amounts of information. Lesson plans at Little Seeds are age appropriate and there are an equal amount of technical skill development, gross motor facilitation and mindfulness based activities. The most important way that children learn is through PLAY. All of these threads are tied with love – which is abundant and always available.

growing brain.jpeg


A baby is born with all (100 billion) of the brain cells he/she will have for their ENTIRE life. At least 1 million new neural connections between these cells are made every second - more than at any other time in life! We support these connections by creating loving, responsive relationships with your child that will help foster optimal brain development (and ultimately set them up for success later in school!)

gross motor - kids.JPG


While the brain develops at astonishing rates, children’s bodies put in OT to keep up. Our themed lesson plans are designed to include a wide array of developmentally appropriate activities that strengthen gross and fine motor skills. Kids yoga and sports are offered regularly. There is also adequate time for children to rest their bodies, which is equally important to movement as part of growth. We will help ensure your child grows from a little seed into a mighty tree!

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“Believe you can and you’re halfway there” - Theodore Roosevelt. It’s imperative that our little seedlings develop a healthy self concept as soon as possible - that way it sticks for life! There are mindfulness based activities incorporated into every lesson plan and our teachers encourage respect and kindness for each other and all humans. When children think positively about themselves, they are able to have positive social interactions with other children and adults.